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The Silver Linings Group is a small, close-knit team that is hugely dedicated to making a difference for your brand. With a focus on strategic digital marketing, we help our clients reach potential customers through relationship building, providing value, and being authentic to who they are.


In the fast-paced world of social media, platforms like TikTok and Instagram are continually evolving to meet the changing needs and preferences of their users. So, here are the top updates that you need to know about social media in April 2024.

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Social Media Updates April 2024

Instagram Reels are an important component of a comprehensive social media strategy. If you’re hoping to build brand recognition or drive sales through Instagram, here’s are 10 tips to help you get more Reels views in 2024.

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How To Get More Reels Views In 2024

The social media landscape is constantly changing and as business owners, it’s our job to stay informed on best practices. So, here are the latest updates on Instagram and TikTok from February 2024.

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Social Media Updates: TikTok Cuts Ties With Universal, Flipside, + More

Having a hard time staying up to date with what’s new on all these social media platforms? No worries! We’ve got you. Here are the top social media updates that you should know about.

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Social Media Updates: Instagram Close Friends Feed, TikTok Shop, and Pinterest Collaging

Understanding your audience and creating a balanced social media strategy is how we were able to help Expert Flyer build a social media following of over 5k from scratch. Curious about the exact social strategy that got them over 100k impressions and 1000 website taps in just one quarter? Keep on reading!

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Expert Flyer: Social Strategy Case Study

Have you ever popped into your Instagram account’s “insights” tab and wondered what any of it meant? Instagram’s “insights” tab provides important data that tells you how your content is performing. This information can then be utilized to tailor your social strategy and magnify your marketing results. So, here’s a complete guide to Instagram analytics and how to use those numbers to inform your social strategy!

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A Complete Guide To Instagram Analytics

You may have noticed more Instagram photos on your feed lately and you’re not alone… In fact, it’s in intentional alignment with the platform’s goals for 2023. Last year, the platform’s CEO, Adam Mosseri responded with a note that Instagram would stay committed to supporting photos on the platform. So, that begs the question…are photos making a comeback and should we shift our content strategy away from Reels?

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Are Photos Making A Comeback On Instagram?

So you’ve created a social media marketing strategy for your business. Now what? Well, the next step is to actually create content! The nature of social media is that it’s always changing so to help you stay inspired and up-to-date with current trends, here’s a content cheat sheet with 5 fresh social media post ideas for 2023!

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Content Cheat Sheet: 5 Fresh Social Media Post Ideas for 2023

A social strategy optimizes your marketing efforts on social media to help you meet your goals. With Women’s Earth Alliance, a nonprofit organization that strives to protect the environment and empower women’s leadership, we grew their audience by over 15k, gained over 1 million impressions on social media, and reached over 483k different accounts. How did we hit these numbers in a notoriously difficult industry? Keep reading to find out!

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Women’s Earth Alliance: Social Strategy Case Study

Hudson & Vine’s social strategy focused on establishing a stronger online presence and building community trust with the end goal of increasing sales in their home goods business. In just over 10 months of social management, we more than doubled their following, reached over 1 million users on Facebook, and gained over 560k impressions through paid and organic social marketing. What finally moved the needle in this business? Keep reading to find out!

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Hudson & Vine: Social Strategy Case Study

The Silver Linings Group is a strategic digital marketing and social media management agency based out of NYC. We specialize in working with small businesses, brands, and individuals within the wellness, lifestyle, and retail spaces.

We're straight-shooters and hybrid thinkers; creative dreamers and logical analysts. We're health and wellness enthusiasts that walk the walk AND talk the talk. Learn more about who we are.

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