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SLG has integrated so nicely and quickly into our team. Since we are in a niche fitness industry, the learning curve can be very long. SLG has rapidly adapted to our brand, customers, and consumers. Not only have they grown our overall social media fan base, they have increased engagement, and continue to grow our ambassador team. Thanks to SLG, we are able to focus on our building our product portfolio and supporting our customer base.


USN is a global leader at the forefront of sports nutrition research, with a focus of making effective performance, weight management, energy, and wellness supplements used by professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Our work with this company has primarily focused on community growth and social media strategy with the goal of conversions in mind.


With a heavy focus on Instagram strategy and community growth, we are able to hit the following numbers in just three months:

3 viral videos (TikToks cross-posted as Instagram/Facebook Reels)
381,425 impressions on Instagram (+39% increase)
131,390 organic reach on Instagram (+83% increase)
11% increase in Instagram engagement
48% increase in IG Story interactions
126,598 organic reach on Facebook 

Influencer Partnerships For Reach

Video Content For Exposure

Adapting to Instagram's recent structure change by adapting our content to prioritize Reels (and popular audio/songs) above static feed posts - with great results to show for it. 

Implementing influencer partnerships/brand ambassadors for an ongoing, combined reach of just under 1 million audience size (970k)

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Prioritizing value, education, and entertainment

Shifting from product/sales-based content to value, education, and entertainment-based content which resonates with a broader audience and keeps users engaged. 

Here are some key tactics that allowed us to consistently grow this account...

With creative, entertaining, and collaborative content at the forefront of our strategy, our partnership with USN Sports Nutrition has led to consistent growth for the company.

- Miguel, Founder

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