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Highly recommend. Excellent communication and creative skills. Has helped expand the reach/audience of our small business.

- Miguel, Founder, Hudson & Vine


Hudson & Vine is an online retailer of unique and high quality home and garden products who have exclusively partnered with artisanal suppliers around the world to help make your home its most beautiful. 

Our partnership entails working with Hudson & Vine to grow their online social media presence with the goal of increasing sales and expanding their business.  


In just under 10 months, we have more than doubled Hudson and Vine's follower count and reached over 562,545 impressions on Instagram.

On Facebook alone, we've reached over a million accounts in the past 7 months.

This was all done through a combined organic and paid social media strategy. Keep reading to learn more about what we focused on!

Strategic & Engaging Content

Leveraging UGC To Gain Trust

Informing Audience About Best-Sellers

Re-sharing user-generated content (UGC) to establish trust with our audience, which results in high engagement and interest in products.

Heavy strategic focus on posting engaging content like reels and carousel posts in order to spark interest in products and drive sales.

Putting best-selling products at the forefront of our strategy and explaining why these products are customer favorites to increase conversions.

All of our social media efforts paired with Hudson and Vine's commitment to their clients has resulted in a beautiful partnership.

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