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The Silver Linings Group has been an integral part of our company's social media growth. Dealing with Danielle and her social media team has been great -- from their attention to detail and creativeness with content creation to response time and flexibility. The content they create lines up perfectly with the vision that we have for our social media presence.

- Hannah, Rago Brothers


The Rago Brothers team are masters in the art of leather repair and combine old-world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver superior results.

Rago Brothers wanted to work with SLG to help grow their social media presence to in-turn grow their business.


In 18 months we grew the @ragobrothers account by over 58k followers, averaging in over 3.2k followers a month…100% ORGANIC.

Meaning $0 was spent on paid ads or boosted content. While we can’t give away our Rago magic secrets, we can share a little more about what our team focused on...

Strategic Curation Of Instagram Feed

Leverage Of Viral Video Content

Creative Storytelling

With the strategic content created we began leveraging viral videos to grow the community & create a cohesive, appealing visual presentation.

We put together ongoing shot lists so we could create visual content that informed the ICA of exactly what services Rago offers, and their capabilities reaching existing and new clients.

Sharing the business's backstory through strong (yet personable) copy allows the account to be relatable, humanized, and creates connectivity.

All of our social media efforts paired with Rago’s excellent customer service and commitment to their clients has resulted in a beautiful partnership.

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Here are some key tactics that allowed us to consistently grow this account...

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