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Hélène Roy is a yoga teacher in upstate New York. She requested a complete makeover of her website with a focus on functionality and navigation as her clients were getting lost on her existing site.

The Silver Linings Group helped her redesign her entire website with new branding on ShowIt. The website integrates various scheduling options and marketing funnels.

The Silver Linings Group created a 20-page easy-to-manage, modern, but fun ShowIt website for Hélène. We focused heavily on website flow and functionality--prioritizing user experience and conversion strategy. The agency also consulted on website copy, imagery, and brand direction.

Website Design:


initial mockup:

final design:

design requests:

  • New branding with bright, fun, and engaging colors and imagery

  • Clear navigation and strategic website flow

strategic support

  • Consulted on branding and image direction in line with the client's vision

  • Streamlined service offerings to make monetization and user experience more straight-forward 

  • Integrated scheduling and email marketing tools to systematize business operations

small group classes

Because we are first and foremost a marketing agency, our website designs always prioritize your business goals.

With Hélène Roy Yoga, we completely remodeled her about page, schedule page, and individual services landing pages.

about pages


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