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We are so grateful to the Silver Linings Group (SLG) for all their help creating, coordinating and implementing our social media strategy. As co-founders of a rapidly growing small business in the wellness space, we need to be mindful of our where we spend our time and what areas of our business we outsource. SLG is an expert in helping companies like ours with social media growth and we have been very pleased with the results! The team at SLG is extremely responsive to our ideas, goals and concerns, and their knowledge about social media trends, attention to detail and meeting deadlines is greatly appreciated and has been instrumental to our growth and increased exposure. Overall, we are very happy with the partnership with SLG and would highly recommend them!

- Stephanie Falk, Co-Founder, Pause To Be Present


Pause To Be Present is a virtual meditation studio that offers on-demand meditations, live virtual classes, and in-depth meditation courses.

Our social strategy focused on raising awareness on the community that Pause has built.


In six months of working together on social media marketing, we were able to help Pause To Be Present double their follower count, gain over 250k impressions, reach of 47k accounts, and drive 500 website taps on Instagram.

Building Online Engagement With Familiarity & Trust

Educating With Easily-Digestible Content

Creating Relatable & Valuable Graphics

Strategic sharing of bite-sized knowledge from our library of courses in a digestible and authentic way for social media.

Using content that features familiar teachers/founders allowed us to lean on the audience's existing trust to build a more engaged online presence.

Increasing reach by creating shareable graphics and quotes that discuss mindfulness and meditation.

With a social media strategy that heavily emphasizes genuine, community and value-driven content, our partnership with Pause To Be Present continues to drive results in a mindful way.

Here are some key tactics that allowed us to consistently grow this account...

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