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The team at the Silver Linings Group quickly filled a void in our services to our clients, especially in the areas of social media, content creation and strategy. They hit the ground running and quickly developed a communications (and ad) campaign that was creative, compelling, and interactive with our client's customer base. Above and beyond all the professional skills and attributes they brought to our clients, they are very nice people and wonderful to work with and in our world, working with people you like is paramount.

- Lou Desiderio, ExpertFlyer/Synergy PR 


ExpertFlyer provides 24/7 real time powerful air travel information to travelers of all backgrounds and helps them maximize your travel experience at minimal expense.

Our strategy with them centered on maintaining a consistent and engaging social media presence.


Building their Instagram presence from the ground up, we were able to help Expert Flyer achieve over 5k follower growth over the course of two quarters and in the last quarter alone, hit over 100k in impressions, 47k in reach, and 1000 taps in website visits.

Maintaining A Consistent Instagram Presence

Leaning Into Relatability And Virality

Providing Value And Engagement With Experts

With strategic in-house creation of trendy, funny, and relatable meme-style content, we're able to boost reach and impressions across the platform. 

By helping Expert Flyer establish a consistent, on-brand Instagram presence, we were able to build audience trust and grow their community quickly.

By featuring and engaging with travel experts, we're able to add value for our audience and boost collaboration across the industry.

Our Creative Social Media Strategy Paired With Expert Flyer's Value-Driven Service Has Resulted In a Beautiful Partnership.

Here are some key tactics that allowed us to consistently grow this account...

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The Silver Linings Group is a small, close-knit team that is hugely dedicated to making a difference for your brand. With a focus on strategic digital marketing, we help our clients reach potential customers through relationship building, providing value, and being authentic to who they are.



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