SLG is a must for any fast growing start-up! Danielle and Gillian hit the ground running with their soup to nuts full scale branding and digital marketing solutions. They honed in on our best products and developed a winning sales strategy enabling us to surpass our bottom line goals within a year!

- Ashley Share, Esq.
Founder + CEO of ShareLove.Fund


ShareLove.Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that empowers at-risk youth and incarcerated women with vocational yoga degrees.

They wanted to invest in organizational infrastructure to create a sustainable pipeline of funds to support their nonprofit programming by redesigning the website, investing in email marketing, and creating a passive source of income through online yoga teacher training courses.

Through innovative design and organized project management, our partnership with shareLove.Fund has created an everlasting pipeline of funds for the nonprofit organization

complete redesign of their website with a focus on easier navigation, clearer messaging, and more functionality so that potential donors easily understand ShareLove.Fund's mission

design elements implemented:

  • Leveraged different section to make scanning easier for visitors

  • Used different shapes and layouts to keep visitor interest and engagement

  • Consistently weaved in brand assets and colors to ensure coherence across homepage

old homepage

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new homepage

content changes:

  • Included more information about the organization so that visitors could clearly understand the mission

  • Offered visitors multiple opportunities to donate with the use of various CTAs and buttons

  • Made all relevant financial documents and reports easily accessible

homepage redesign:

design elements implemented:

  • Made use of stunning visual assets to create a more engaging experience for the user

  • Streamlined all formatting and sectioning for a cohesive, professional, and reputable website

  • Kept different sections short and digestible so that users could absorb the donation options without being overwhelmed

old donate page

new donate page

content changes:

  • Included specific examples of how funds donated give back directly to the affected communities to help visitors visualize the impact they could make

  • Alternated between different donation and volunteering options to both inform and motivate potential donors of the different options

  • Added social proof by shouting out Lotus Leaders at the bottom of the page

donation page redesign:

Because we are first and Foremost a marketing agency, our website designs always prioritize your business goals. With ShareLove.Fund we put their need for donations at the center of our designs for aesthetic high-converting pages.

with a focus on engaging existing donors with stories about community members and impact, we helped ShareLove.Fund create a straightforward newsletter design that could be duplicated and updated easily without requiring extensive resources

Website Redesign:

Newsletter Template Design:

key email marketing strategies:

  • Simple, monthly newsletter to keep existing donors in-the-loop with organization updates so that ShareLove.Fund reminds top-of-mind when donation time comes

  • Telling personal stories about how ShareLove.Fund's programming has positively impacted at-risk youth and incarcerated individuals to further incentivize donations and action

  • Using email marketing to inform ShareLove.Fund's community of our available products (books, courses, etc)

old newsletter design

new newsletter design

email marketing results:

  • Average 64.92% open rate
  • Average 5.3% click rate

newsletter template design

the silver linings group' helped obtain a $10k/month ads grant from google. As a nonprofit organization with limited funds, this has significantly impacted their ability to achieve sustainable funding for their programming

Google Ads Grant:

With this Google Ads Grant, ShareLove.Fund has been able to apply resources towards promoting their book and online yoga teacher training courses which in turn generates more funds for their nonprofit programming.

we launched 4 different yoga teacher training courses on the teachable platform which fulfilled their mission of making yoga more accessible and created an ongoing source of funds for the organization.

Launching Teachable Online Courses:

agency responsibilities:

  • course design and layout
  • refining curriculum
  • adding in missing course materials
  • pricing and distribution of course
  • start-to-end project management and product launch

rpyt course landing page

ryt-200 course curriculum

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